Repping Oddio Ent out of Montreal, 199V is here to introduce to you all his debut single title “Way Too Much” featuring the likes of JT Soul, and Jei Bandit. These young cats are coming on the scene in a way never seen before. Straight out of Canada, these guys have such a unique and diverse sound, that is sure to capture audiences all across the board. From his music vides to his artwork, 199V is paving the way for a interesting twist on Hip-Hop music. Not to mention 199V will be dropping his debut ep September 28th, so stay tuned for this dope and eclectic sound from the young Crooner. Stay Tuned!

Produced by @jeibandit & @jamvvis
Mixed by @dearlola, @etienne-cyr-1 & @rawssi
Mastered by @dearlola
Distributed by ODDIO Ent.