Yury – Fade

Yury is the jack of all trades when it comes to the realms of music. He’s a DJ, producer, song writer and hip-hop recording artist. For his new single “Fade,” we get¬†the hip-hop in him, as well as his production skills.

“I’m usually in a fairly melancholy¬†state so that’s where the vibe went as I was producing the beat,” Yury shares with us. ¬†He continues with “then with me always thinking about existence and purpose being something that kind of fades away, the song took an introspective turn – much like ‘Life Is.‘ As you can imagine, I’m a great time at parties lol.”

The song begins with a melancholic piano which brings in the dark bass-driven production. Through the highs and lows, we can get a sense of where Yury is in life; his art represents his life.

Check out the track below.