With Swae Lee being on one of the hottest songs out right now (Unforgettable), it makes sense to keep the attention brewing on Rae Sremmurd. Their new single “Perplexing Pegasus” is a Mike WiLL Made It-produced single and will likely be on their upcoming body of work.

Mike WiLL took to his Instagram to post a new picture and 2 Chainz responded with a comment. Apparently, Chainz was set to appear on the new single, but was taken off. So we waited for Mike WiLL’s response.

“Took my verse of Pegasus too, make sure you tellm that og killa gorilla,” Chainz wrote under Mike WiLL’s IG post.

“Ur verse was never on there dog till 3 days prior to release, and I gave u the song the next day after we recorded it 3 months ago lol,” Mike wrote. “We made the Sremm fans wait long enough bruh, couldn’t keep em waiting OG Hair Weave Killa Gorilla, now since we keepn it a buck let the people know how u were sleep on Pegasus till the youth started talkn.”

2 Chainz is known for having killer guest verses, so it’s a shame that they couldn’t get this one going in time. However, there’s a great chance that this version will surface soon or be an official remix. Whichever way it goes, we need that verse to be heard.