The evolution of Lecrae, not only as a person, but as an artist has been one of greatness to view. From dirty water to water of holy spirits, the Houston Native doesn’t cover up the scars to help develop him. Instead, he puts them on display for others to learn and seek guidance from. Life can break off into small pieces and become issues of their own, they are a part of your story and the thrust to keep going is what keeps all things working together.

All Things Work Together is the title of Lecrae’s forthcoming album and it will be available in November of this year. Releasing his eighth studio album under Colombia Records, it’s technically his debut album—stepping more and more into the mainstream spotlight and away from the stereotypes that have been following him his entire career—the “Christian Hip-Hop artist” label. He’s simply a Christian, God-fearing man who loves Hip-Hop music and the culture that delivered light in dim settings.

In addition to his album release, Lecrae will set out on the All Things Work Together Tour, beginning in October. The tour will carry dates from Oct. 4 (starting in Memphis) and then ending in Chicago on Dec. 6.

The journey for Lecrae, through music, has been great to watch and spectate. The rise of Reach Records and how the distribution deal came about is remarkable. There’s no compromise in Lecrae’s music. The ability to deliver the message he’s been driving through since his debut of Real Talk in 2004, still drives forces in today’s outreach.