It’s easier to caught up in the external forces of the world than it is to zoom into your own nature and tap into your internal being. With that being said, the want and need factor to pause and reflect is great in many senses: you get a chance to slow down and catch your breath. You can gauge where you are and hopefully, with that in mind, you quiet any reason not to be content with where you are. You are exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Austin, TX is home to artist Malik—one who I’ve considered to be a rapper—turning my ear to a vocal performance that transcends into vulnerability and pure honesty of emotions. The psychology that goes behind colors and moods is one great uniqueness. Red, blue, yellow, orange, etc. Colors can be used to describe a mood, feeling, behavior or situation.

“Pink,” “Red,” “Orange,” “Yellow.” Each color describing Malik’s mood and feelings, integrating his creativity, in order to put it in song-form.

Pink – release of pain and optimism

Red – anxiety

Orange – happiness

Yellow – We’re now gifted with the latest installment, here with “Yellow.” The importance of slowing down and capturing the moment and realizing that no moment matters other than the now.

“This song is my process of slowing down,” Malik says. “And refocusing on what I is important in my life. Sometimes I feel like I’m being overwhelmed with so much, and I’ve learned to appreciate the times I can really sit down and reset.”