It’s been a little over two years since A$AP Rocky released his sophomore efforts of At.Long.Last.ASAP. Since the release of the album, A$AP Yams has passed away, the Mob has found success in the fashion world, they’ve been working with a slew of other artists and more. With so much running around, that doesn’t mean we’re not due for a new Rocky album, right?

On A$AP Twelvyy’s debut album 12, Rocky is featured on the Sarah Barthel-hook single “Diamonds.” On the verse, he raps:

Before my shit was even out you couldn’t wait to get it. But now the shit I’m puttin’ out gon’ make you think to get it. Take a minute, God’s present ’cause I’m way too gifted. So next album fuck around and make you wait ’til Christmas.

Rocky proves that he can rap with no issues. In an era of songs being solely created off “vibes,” it’s not to be forgotten that Rocky brings bars.

If Rocky is stating a fact here, it would be a pretty under-the-radar way of announcing his album is coming during that period of time. Nonetheless, it’s always good to get music from the Harlem artist.