Artist, writer and deejay: Virginia native Dynamic Jab can do a lot.

His latest venture is his music, releasing his 404 Not Found mixtape. For those who are being introduced to Jab for the first time here, there are nine other artists to be introduced to as well during your listen.

“Yeah, well I didn’t come up with the title actually haha. My brother Zen Gnarly came up with the title, I’ve known him for over 3 years now,” Jab told DeadEndHipHop during an interview. ” I’ve chopped all of his projects, interviewed him, and featured him on my first tape. My first two tapes were “We Put Ourself On” and I used “Ourself” because every artist featured and myself are as one. My second tape was titled “As We Thrive”, so I wanted a title for this one that was completely different and didn’t have We’ in it.”

Check out the mixtape below.