Eli Sostre – Sleep is For The Weak

It takes life experiences sometimes to make the best art you can make. Often times, those life experiences that the artist goes through, usually the listener can take those and relate to it. From this standpoint alone, this is where New York artist Eli Sostre wins. Not only is he a talented producer, his song writing abilities and structure- sonically elevates him. Still Up All Night was just the warm up for what Sostre’s talent possessed; you could say it was an album before the album. Sleep is For The Weak is more constructed and carefully laced with nothing less than perfection. I say that because I know how much of a perfectionist He is and that’s from the close-inside looking in at the process. Along with Soriano and others, the body of work that is Sleep is For The Weak is something that should be appreciated. I would hate to see people consider this release “slept on” after seeing the time and effort that has went into making this album come into fruition.

Check out the 13-track album below and enjoy.