Grosser – Feels Like (prod. Mulatto Beats)

On his new single “Feels Like,” New Orleans artist Grosser gets vulnerable and real. Being around people who still hold “standard lives” and you’re in the midst of keeping the art first, that can lead to altered feelings. Check out what Grosser had to say below.

As far as the creative inspiration, it’s kind of twofold.

one angle is i’ve recently started working out my home studio opposed to working at a studio w other musicians and engineers here in the city. the everyday grind of trying to be ‘productive’ while living alone and being an artist is a heady combination that is hard/impossible to perfect. Most my friends and people i know have regular 9-5 jobs, and i’ve lost the sense of what that ‘standard life’ feels like in the ever continuous attempt to create valuable art. aka the title and the refrain.

The verse is inspired by a similar sentiment but stems from a different origin. everyone has their own demons, and everyone feels like their own situation is unique. sometimes that is honestly the case, but most of the time, ones personal demons find themselves affecting many others around us quite similarly. However, there are times when things are truly severe or abnormal and most ppl (9-5 stereotype) don’t really want to invest energy in thinking about it, and also can’t comprehend the darkness or overall weight without the proper scope. this feeling of being truly isolated in so many regards, both physically and in one’s condition or mental state inspired a lot of the verse, along with wanting to emphasize the lack of ppl who stop and honestly think about their life situation compared to the greater whole.