Nas is one of the most prolific storytellers there is the music business. His vivid landscape to capture images through diction has surged him to the top. Since Nas stepped on the scene, he’s seen rappers come and go, trends come and go and more.

I’m not sure who would’ve saw this coming, but Nas cosigns Metro Boomin and Nav’s Perfect Timing project. Escobar took to his Instagram to say ““Grab the new album from the young Kings @nav & @metroboomin right now. Salute!!!,” with the artwork as the picture used.

When you look at the artists that Nas has backed (Dave East, Bishop Nehru), it doesn’t seem as if he’d support an artist like Nav. Then again, who listens to and who he’d actually sign are two different focuses. Also, who Nas is feeling, doesn’t mean you have to like them too.