Till we got a bigger house but the same sized coffin. People at the top feeling like they at the bottom and that’s probably why the rich are more likely suicidal. Silver and gold’s too low for the soul — KB — “Rich Forever”

We all seek internal richness through different avenues. Some of through God, spiritual reading, meditation, etc.

I done seen a wealthy man lose his mind before he lost his funds. What fun is it to gain the world but misplace your sanity? Having both riches and happiness is great, but what if you had to choose? Would you choose currency over happiness or happiness over currency?

I’d rather lose money before I lose my mind; money proves to be flux in my life. Through dogmatic proportions, I’ve seen the happenings of a lost financial safety net tarnish, but I always got back on my feet. How did I get back? I mentally prepared myself through the losses so that winning could surface. “Wealth is of the heart and mind, not the pocket,” as clothing brand Billionaire Boys Club implements into the brand’s mantra.

I want money just like everyone else, but I also want mental, emotional and physical riches—rather my words live immaculate than for my pockets to live extravagant. I value my mind before I value a dollar bill, because I didn’t create that. However, I did create the flow of words that touch this think piece. Euphoric how the words make me feel like a million dollars. Ironically, I tuck myself away at work to type this piece.

Don’t get me wrong, I want my family and generations to come to reap benefits from the groundwork I’ve laid, but that doesn’t occur if I can’t internally keep myself together. For Hip-Hop, the culture that I love and want to see win in every aspect, mental health and internal resolution is VITAL. Too many of my idols dial 9–11 and we smile from the awards they’ve won from a tragic state of mind — It’s a confluence of congruent matters. What matters? Is it the money that you lather or your internal being which can shatter in the matter of seconds within any hour.

Rich Forever: Seeking within before reaching out for success

I watched family members get rich but then lose it all — their minds were gone before the money. I’ll always figure out a way to get money; it’s not going anywhere. But my mind…anxiety hits a home run when I contemplate on mental strike outs. Covering all bases, my grand slam is the internal riches and external as well. In a drought, I need my mind well to reach a well of wealth and maintain health. Not afraid to seek help, I preach stealth. 

Rich Forever: Seeking within before reaching out for success

Lecrae’s “Confession$” shaped my vision thoroughly in 2012. In the midst of bank overdraft and a mental breakdown, I no longer wished to be good financially. The new goal of becoming rich in spirit overcame me. Although I’m not rich, I’m financially better because I got my mind right, before my mind left. 

Rich Forever: Seeking within before reaching out for success

Money seems to conceal pain, but it all comes to the light; darkness can’t forever remain hidden. Whether you see it or not, pain and issues will manifest into other portions of life. To see my generation avoid their mental health scares me at times. Past generations did this. They may not have talked about it, but their internal-conflicting happenings resonated in many other ways; looking for a way to cope and find hope.