R&B artist Drew Vision releases new 'Shades of Summer' EPDrew Vision – Shades of Summer (EP)

Drew Vision brings his vision to life, recording in Atlanta and doing videos in L.A. His vocals are upscaled from professionally training, as well as more. Although he can do it all, Vision keeps his humble grounding at the forefront of his core.

Shades of Summer is not his first body of work. In 2016, he released his nine-track body of work The Balance. In 2011, Vision released his project 20 / 20. Vision is No stranger to performing–live at Essence Music Festival and many other events.

R&B artist Drew Vision releases new 'Shades of Summer' EP

Upon listening to Shades of Summer is a refreshing listen—brings back feelings of past years in the R&B world. Majority of the content can be relatable to the listener. Whether you’re experiencing the content currently or have in the past, there’s content for everyone.

You go into a track like “No Do Overs” and you find yourself losing the love of your life to another person and you can reflect on how that feeling hits you. Then you can go into a track like “Want ’em All” which tackles the greed of wanting different types of women or men.

Throughout the duration of the extended play, you’ll find different scenarios and you’ll never be caught in a stagnant listen.

Track-list for Shades of Summer:

  1. No Do Overs
  2. Want ’em All
  3. Feel This Way
  4. I Give Good Love
  5. Deep Water

Check out the EP below.