Feelings that show an artist’s (especially one of passing) work being auctioned off and valued for what deems to be a dollar amount and not artistic value is degrading in many senses. However, there isn’t a drought in the auction world and there will be capitalization upon such. In this case, there won’t be much to tell after a mini purchase of proof.

New York’s auction grounds Gotta Have Rock and Roll are auctioning off an unreleased album by Michael Jackson later this month (July 19-28). The nine tracks are on disk that Jackson had in his possession. The final price is expected to rise as high as $1 million, but the starting bid price finds its ways beginning at $50k.

Whoever wins the auction, will not have the rights to the music and cannot distribute the music anywhere, says auction house representatives.

The auction team also added that the CD was received by “the personal friend and personal assistant to Michael whose family was very close to Michael for many years, traveling all over the world with him.” The personal friend wished to remain unknown.

The word “Bible” is written on the blank disk and sadly, we’ll never hear any of the tracks, minus “Monster,” “Breaking News” and “Keep Your Head Up” which found their way on Michael’s self-title album in 2010.

Unreleased Michael Jackson music to be auctioned but not distributed after winning bid

Along with a 1995 handwritten letter from Tupac to Madonna, you can view the Michael Jackson cd from July 19th to 28th.