Kendrick Lamar’s track-list for DAMN. reads simple yet provokes much thought to how he arrived at the conclusion of picking names for the tracks. After he wrote a verse for the song, or concluded the entire format of the song, an emotion and/or word stood out and that’s how the names were chosen.

Throughout the duration of the album, we hear phrases/words like “ain’t nobody praying for me,” “wicked,” “weakness” and “what happens on earth stays on earth” rather frequent. During his interview with BigBoiTV, Kendrick reveals that DAMN. almost had another title.

‘What Happens on Earth, Stays on Earth’ could have possibly been the name of Kendrick’s album. “It’s a long title,” Big Boi said in place of Kendrick and he agreed.

“It didnt’ read right,” Kendrick said in laughter.

The mold of the track-list and the title “DAMN.” truly work well with one another, so there couldn’t have been a better route for Kendrick to take, title wise. There’s always alternate routes for Kendrick. Remember when To Pimp A Butterfly was almost called To Pimp A Caterpillar?