Culture 2 coming soon

Migos‘ biggest single to-date (Bad and Boujee) came with the release of the trio’s second studio album, Culture. Backed by numerous guest appearances and mixtapes, the group’s stock rises with the release of this album.

When you’re hot, you should strike quick, especially nowadays where the fire to a camp setting can burn out quickly. While out in L.A., Offset was stopped by paparazzi to speak about a number of things: BET Award incidents was number one. TMZ talked to Offset as well, but it was The Hollywood Fix who got the details on the new album coming on October.

“You have a new album coming soon,” they asked. Offset responded “Culture 2 coming October.”

Since the release of their album in January, the group has still maintained a rigorous work schedule. Performing everywhere you can think of it, still releasing music and working on this new body of work.