Yet again XXL releases their new cover for this year’s freshmen class, and it’s still trash. How am I supposed to respect a publication that puts no effort into their projects such as picking a freshmen class worth supporting and how are we supposed to take those covers seriously it’s to the point where it’s now become a joke and what keeps those covers relevant is the negative attention it attracts. Just last week they posted a picture of acts like Lil Pump and Yung Gleesh amongst other trash rappers I don’t know of and captioned it “Legendary.” You can only troll so much and the disrespect was real, and to follow with a cover where they considered some of the artists put on it worthy is disappointing.

Why is it so hard for publications to do their research and so easy for them to conform to what’s in instead of what’s right. I myself as a CEO and contributor continue to provide quality projects like the beat tape series, but I know if I couldn’t give my audience something of quality I would no longer put these projects out, It’s that simple. Why continue to disappoint and let down your audience? Come up with a new way to interact or a new way of keeping your audience interested. Good things don’t last forever especially if you don’t give it all your attention and effort.

It’s confusing to me as a CEO of a media platform – I wish we could all push authentic content, and push what we believe in and only that! It is far more respectable. I talk about being genuine a lot because I believe in it. It’s easier to be genuine than to continue to keep up a façade. Don’t get to comfortable once you create a name for yourself; keep doing so, do not rest in hopes that what you built will keep floating by maintaining it with trash or just anything to keep you relevant. But who am I? obviously, someone who is tired of people faking the funk while my team and I are really going hard to produce good quality work that you can learn from. We push beneficial content and although it may not be all day, every day it’s here and just know good things take time. There is no rush! So, the next time you want to put out something ask yourself, Is this smart? Is it of quality? Is it valuable….