As I go forward with my Interview series that features underground artists, I choose those who I believe can teach us all something. This time around I talk to Milo Velour who will not only make you a fan but teach you some valuable ways. Especially in this music industry for those upcoming artists. His confidence is everything and he reminds us that sometimes you just have to “Dive in the water and swim” get to know the creative Milo Velour!


•First and foremost, Who are you? What do you do? And where are you from?

My name is Milo Velour, I’m a producer/rapper from Philadelphia, PA currently living in Dallas, TX.

•What made you want to get into this?

I wanted to be a singer at first because I was a fan of Chris Brown, and my dad always played old 80s and 90s rap, like Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J, stuff like that. So I’ve always been around music and I finally got serious about it in 7th grade.

•What are your goals? How you plan to achieve them?

I want to be the next biggest thing in music. Not rap, hip-hop, no specific genre. I want to take music to a whole new level. I already have the next 5-10 years mapped out. Who I have to work with, what sounds I’ll create. It’s all ready to go. I see myself bigger than Yeezy, bigger than Dre, Drake even.

•What has been the most rewarding?

I’m still on my grind so I haven’t seen much reward, but I believe that just trusting my gut and not being afraid to take risks has helped me a ton. As well as the fact that I can produce. I can easily build my name just by sending rappers fire material.
•What is your strategy for preparing to release a song/video/project?
and for this upcoming project specifically?

Im dropping this tape on Friday. #PIMPNAMEMILO its a free compilation album of some sort. Just major summer vibes. I just had DJ Nick Marino drop some tunes for me. Bluntiq for the video debut. Just slowly building relationships with bigger platforms so that more people can hear me.
•Do you have a team of supporters or are you solo? Which would be more beneficial for you? & why

I have a few friends who have blessed me with their help. I’ve met new faces along the way who have been down to contribute as well. It’s all about who you know in life so you just have to dive in the water and swim.
•What keeps you going and focused?

Just the fact that I’ve wanted this since I was 7. I have a son on the way as well. I have to make sure he grows up to be a king. DJ Khaled has inspired me heavily on how I want my son to live. I literally have to secure the bag for my boy.
•Will there be a point or time where you feel that if your music career isn’t where you’d like It to be you’ll move on? Have you set a limit for yourself?

No limits have been set. I want to work in this industry forever. When I’m too old to make my own stuff I’ll transition to making the stars. I was born to do this.
•How would you describe your music/vibe?

I have many different sounds. Everyday is something new. One day I might make you feel like youre going 200mph on the highway, the next day I could have you reminiscing on your high school love. Too many styles to note. Just know that I’m here to stay and that hits will be made.
•When your or someone else is creating a video idea how is that process between the artist and videographer?

When a videographer comes to me with an idea I let them carry it out 100% unless I without a doubt have to make change. I like innovation and I’m always open to see things from someone elses perspective.
•How do you feel about blog help? Necessary or just helpful?

I wouldnt say its necessary but making the connection could make things much easier for an upcoming artist. I see my method of doing things as creating an army. On some Pablo Escobar waves. My material isnt bad at all, only rising in quality. So the more troops (supporters) I can add to my army, the faster I can take over the playing field.