Niker Groze feat. Roe Nelle – Shake That BootyCanadian Pop/Hip-Hop artist Niker Groze releases new single "Shake That Booty"

Toronto is bringing out more talent and we’d love to introduce you guys to Niker Groze. Pop/Hip-Hop is his main focus and you’ll hear it in his new single “Shake That Booty.”

“I believe in hard work, chasing perfection, sticking to the plan with persistence and then letting go beyond that,” Groze explained. Music is in my blood, hip-hop is in my bones, rhymes flow in my head day and night. It’s like a disease but I love it!”

With hunger and a fierce attitude towards creating, Groze sets himself up for a successful run in music. For his latest single of “Shake That Booty,” the title catches the eye in a cliché way, but the production by Apollo V from Jeejuh Production will deviate from the norm, but also keep the pop sound running strong.

In the music video, a dance audition is held and it’s tons of fun. It’s more than the actual movement, it’s about mentally and physically letting go and having a good time.