Oscvr Wow is starting off the summer right with two new singles

Oscvr Wow is a Baltimore artist who is careful with his craft. He doesn’t create just to create—the space he creates from helps make  life all the more better for the 20 something-year-old curator. On June 5, Oscvr (f.k.a. Kiddartha) released two new singles which he’s been teasing for some time now. “Big Body” features two Baltimore up-and-WILL-be-coming artists, Lil Burnout and Michael Taylor. Taylor also handles the production side of things as well.

Every time we check the score keeps going up and nobody stopping us,” Oscvr says on “Score,” which is the second track you’ll hear and is with Lil Burnout.

Baltimore artist Oscvr Wow delivers two new singles in "Big Body" and "Score"