The first time I watched Diddy’s video where he’s rocking a Von Dutch Tee was on my twitter timeline. As I was watching it I remember laughing telling myself, “that’s so me” my enthusiasm and mindset matched the multi-millionaires. Just the day before I told my friend I need a rush and what other way to go then going to a psychic that’s beachside that would make it all click for me by reading my palm.

She mentioned ‘Patience’ and how I’m always pushing a new agenda every time an idea comes to mind. She kept saying “Stay focused on your goals, aspirations.” With a mindset like Diddy’s, how could I? I keep hearing him saying, “Whatever I want I have to get, what’s next? – “What can’t you do?! I can do it!” I catch myself saying that over and over because that is me, the doer and as much stress it brings I can’t let that distract me from the goal. “I can’t stay down.” There are always ideas to make happen and there is always money to be made but it’s not even about that but more so about the feeling of accomplishment and knowing I can. Everyone needs that confidence, no matter what your dream is you should know what you are capable of because it is truly endless.

So here I am trying to find the perfect balance between patience and “What’s next?” Therefore, it’s about knowing what’s next and taking the time to be patient enough to make it happen, but just know “I’m a savage!” If YOU are not constantly striving, doing, being there is someone who will surpass you and make something even better than you. When a creative you must stay on your toes. There is always work to be done and moves to be made. That can’t be slept on, if we sleep on ourselves everyone will too. KEY fact.

Thanks Diddy.