The most known unknown, who is best known as Ash Riser, is coming out to make himself finally known as the true rockstar he has always destined to be. Coming this summer is ‘Ghosts,’ Ash Riser’s highly anticipated debut album, set to hit soundwaves on July 7th, 2017 (VI.VI.XVII). Taking the lead of this thrilling evolution is the album’s lead single, “Lord Don’t Fail Me Now (LDFMN)” featuring the rawness of close friend and Odd Future’s very own, Left Brain, who delivers a verse that assists  this elegiac prayer deeper into the soul. Utilizing live drums, organs, an electric guitar and the piano, Tae Beast produces a beat that comes to life with each beat, complementing Riser’s raspy vocals that sets a tone of consumption, as you listen, you feel the truth that Riser is singing and you hear his soul speaking directly to you.