“XO TOUR Llif3” grows in success

To keep fans holding their patience until the drop of LUV is Rage 2 came out, Lil Uzi Vert put out a handful of songs. One of those songs turned out to be one of his biggest solo track to date.

“XO TOUR Llif3” by Uzi (produced by TM88) has officially gone platinum. We can chalk that up with his platinum hits of “Money Longer,” “You Was Right” and “Bad and Boujee” with Migos.

The reason we have yet to get LUV is Rage 2 is due to Uzi’s streaming numbers. The label figures what’s the point of putting out an album if they can continue to capitalize off the success of his singles and past catalog?

Great to see Uzi winning in such huge ways, but the album is wanted by the people.