Avery LR breathes reality into "Never Surrender" single/music videoFor a little over six years, Maryland-to-Utah artist Avery LR has been putting in the efforts required to make timeless art; art in the form of music. His lessons in life came early and have projected a brighter future, one that wouldn’t be so impactful if it weren’t for his grandmother.

Avery found himself being shuffled around the state of Maryland for a vast majority of his adolescence. He eventually moved in with grandmother, who taught him a lot about life; here’s what’s right and here’s what’s wrong-type findings. He would frequently find himself in prison, but not for his own wrongdoings, for the wrong doings of his family. Visiting incarcerated family members (including his mother) taught him to be better and never to end up in that place. At the age of 12, Avery’s grandmother passed (1996) and the relocation from Columbia to Landover, MD occurred. This is where the drugs and illegal activity became common in the household he was in. Eventually, he grew tired of the struggling lifestyle (including financially) and ended up moving to Salt Lake City, Utah with his mother. It was there where his knowledge and love picked up significantly.

Avery LR breathes life lessons into "Never Surrender" single/music video

His past is what helped him create a track like “Never Surrender,” which tackles the issues of suicide, sexual abuse, drugs and more. His lyrics provoke thoughts and aren’t easy to skate by, but it’ll grind your nerves and leave you thinking.

Check out his music video for “Never Surrender” featuring 10asee below.