Travis Scott designs Rockets shirt for game 6 of NBA Playoffs

Travis Scott will be in attendance for game 6 of the Rockets and Spurs series. After a crucial and nerve-wrecking game 5, the Rockets will take it back to Houston on Thursday (May 11) for game 6 and the chance to force a game 7.

To keep the energy rolling in favor of the Rockets, Travis Scott is designing a shirt for the Rocket fans to wear during game 6, as reported by USA Today.

‘”The red t-shirts feature a white Rockets logo above the team’s playoff slogan “Run As One” in Scott’s handwriting. These could end up being a nice collectable with the words “Curated By Travis Scott” and the game information printed on the shirt’s left side. The left sleeve will have the words “Cactus Jack,” a shout out to Scott’s new record label.”

“Run As One” will be on the red shirts and in Scott’s handwriting.