If you’re not the LEAST bit curious as to what is going on in the great state of Virginia, musically.. well then, my friend, I’d have to go out on a limb and say you are doing some serious snoozing.

At this point, with fresh new talents like D.R.A.M., Masego, & Treez Lowkey literally kicking down barriers and elevating previous sounds with a little VA flavor, there is no denying the native lands when it comes to sonic appeals. Virginia has ALWAYS been seen as a demographic that produces GOATS and outlandish culture, and this notion stretches back to the early 90’s during the Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott/ Timbaland golden era. Now, with that legacy and many others set in stone, it’s time for the new school age of musicians to continue building on that foundation.

There are a namely amount of artists who are up next, as it seems from the way the area is responding. iLPackMobb, undoubtedly to be mentioned when speaking on who is who. The mobb makes up a slew of different creatives: artists, producers, cinematographers, designers, and even podcast hosts. Many of the artists have released new bodies of work within the last 12 months, and others are prepping their upcoming projects to be delivered soon. To bring in the month of May with a more versatile and unexpected sound from the “underdog” (as he feels with his breakout), OnGo Dunman is the latest member to present his debut album, “PLAYBOY“.

Coined for its “futuristic” vibe throughout the 9-track project (plus the bonus), PLAYBOY serves as Dunman’s introduction to not only the masses, but himself as an artist. When asked about the album and its essence, he explained that during the period of creating this project, which was about 2 years ago, he was going through a time of finding himself–something any and literally everybody should be able to relate to. With that, came a variety of unique approaches to abstract melodies, like track 2 on the project featuring Al-Dom$ & MACK, “Let Me Know 2.0“.

Rising media personality, Niyah Nel, had the opportunity to speak with OnGo Dunman prior to the release of his debut album. Tune in to the dialogue below:

With this being your debut body of work, what are some of the particular things you wanted this project to embody?

I mean, this project is just.. my life.. for 2 years, basically. It’s kind of like I heard HOV say once though forreal, “this is the body of work that took my whole life to make”. you know what I’m saying? It has a lot of different ranges of emotions and details from the way I was living. When I listen to music, a lot of times, I don’t really hear anything that I can particularly relate to 100%.. but I love sound. So, therefore, I fell into making my own music. So now, I wanted to put out music talking about how I was feeling and give music to the people who are on to the categories of the things I can relate to. So, yeah. That’s how it came about.

How does being apart of such a well-known group brewing out of Virginia, iLPackMobb, affect your artistry personally?


I feel like it’s not just being apart of a group. It’s more about being apart of a “group” of like-minded people who are constantly pushing you. I know a lot of people in groups that be on that bullsh*t. With us, it’s always about hearing something good and hearing about people’s progress, which naturally makes you want to progress and just be a better you.. and I feel like that’s what I love about being in iPM. Everybody isn’t trying to be better than the next man, but it’s like we’re literally sharpening each other’s craft.

Cover art for albums and projects seem to be particularly important today. Talk about the cover over “PLAYBOY” and why you chose to go the route you did with it..


Shoutout to my boy Malik J. Sparrow, that’s my mans. I like his art. I like it a lot, so I just hit him up man.. definitely seen him around. I’ve been around him a lot of times, so I gave him an idea, and my idea was basically for a futuristic concept. I got that from my homie Niyah Nel. I told him along the lines of what I wanted and then I let him have the free range, and he came up with pure gold man.

Which song pulled from the project would you say was “near & dear” to you during your recording process? Why?


That gotta be “Pain”.. that’s easy. That’s my life, bro. When I spit that joint, it’s just like I said in the song itself.. “When I say what I say, do they feel me?”.. that’s how I was feeling. Going back to the question you asked about being in a group, there were points and times where I felt like I wasn’t good enough. I still look at myself as the underdog in iPM. It’s like that joint was a real transitional time period of my life. I was going through self-exploration and trying to find myself. That song embodies what I was thinking. My mental standpoint.

Now that “PLAYBOY” is officially debuted to the masses, what can we expect from OnGo Dunman with his project rollout?


I aint gonna give it all away, but, I definitely have a lot of visuals in mind. Not to knock anyone doing their thing, but I don’t have vision for just a simple video. I really want to invest my time, ideas, and thoughts into a visual and give you something that’s damn near movie quality. Plot wise, set wise. I really want to be working with the people who really do this.

If these were your last words ever to leave upon the masses, what would you say to the people?


If you have a goal and you know something is meant for you.. and this is what you’re meant to do, don’t stray away from it just because it seems impossible. If you believe that you can do it, do that sh*t. I’m a firm believer in God. There’s a reason why you feel the way you do. God is the one that has given you the talent. There’s gonna be times where it may be crazy hard.. speaking for myself because I’m in Japan right now trying to make a album happen, and It’s hard. But if you get in there and keep putting your pure passion into it and take criticism to the chin, you’ll keep pushing yourself to be better. That’s it.

Much more is in store as this project rolls out and makes its introductory impact. Stay tuned for what is to come, and in the meantime, listen below to to Future Sounds By OnGo Dunman… PLAYBOY