Whether or not you come home or not, I’ll be preaching the importance knowing pain and why it exist—why struggles happen and what you can do with them; rhetorical projection.

L.A. artist Ali Ayo’s “40 Days 40 Nights” is him addressing what he’s went through and how he’s grown during and out of his tribulations.

“”This his song right here showed me a lot as I went through my struggles in this past year. I found myself on a search of inner piece and happiness. True happiness, truly an experience, there was major ups and highs but terrible lows. From car crashes, jail visits, and even homelessness. You find yourself lost in your own mind. An immigrant even in a foreign land. Still trying to keep your self rounded but hurting deep on the inside. But the storms we experience on earth is only there to test, never to break.  40 days 40 nights are for ones who’ve cried when times get tough, and their looking for an answer. God is the answer, Love is answer and know you’re not alone.”

Check out the single below, produced by Cassic and let us know what you think of it.