Lil Yachty clears the air on his deal with Capital RecordsThere’s a difference between knowing what something is and knowing what the term used to describe that situation is. In some cases (perhaps many), knowing both is applied. It’s actually recommended, but it’s not a necessity. For Lil Yachty, it went more in the direction of understanding his deal, but not understanding a term that “seemed” to be relative to his deal, but in the end, it did not.

Everyday Struggles is a Complex YouTube series hosted by Nadeska Alexis, Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks. They had their first guest ever on the show, Lil Yachty. The episode was…. interesting, to say the least. This isn’t a think piece, nor will my full thoughts on the situation be casted through this post, but I would recommend watching the episode if you have time.

Although many thought that Yachty was in a “360 Deal,” it turns out that he didn’t even know what the term meant, which made it seem as though he was in that kind of deal. Yachty took to his Twitter to share as many details as we need to know about his situation.