Toronto-based Pop artist Jordan Alexander releases new "Cool" single

Jordan Alexander is impressive with her soulful-pop vibes on “Cool” single

Within such a short time frame, Toronto-based Pop artist Jordan Alexander is gaining fans, showing her talents and growing within her craft. Today (Apr. 30), we’re sharing with you the artist’s latest new single, “Cool.” Her voyage began in 2013, but she’s still going strong. Her talent is what has gotten her to this point, but her hard work and dedication will keep her afloat in a ever-changing music scene. She’s been said to be the “next gay Pop star” by the popular forum of AfterEllen. It’s crazy to think that this all started in 2013 when her girlfriend purchased her a guitar and signed her up for Spectra Talent Competition.

Alexander’s new single “Cool” shows off the singer-songwriter’s affection for women, but the warnings she’s had when dealing with women. During the early stages of the track, you’d think you’re going to get a R&B sort of vibe, but then she’s able to merge in Pop with a soulful vibe. She’s deciding that it’s okay to be with this girl and nothing can deter her. Her intuition is leading her in a different direction than what’s occurring in the moment itself. Nonetheless, she knows she doesn’t want to be without this person.

Check out her new single above, and as the year continues to age, we’ll be on the lookout for more music from Jordan Alexander.