Brooklyn, NY artist Cezur releases a brand new song titled “Stonesthrow.” Cezur is 23 and was always huge on literature, his passion would quickly spread to music once his older siblings expressed interest. As most artists, he took years to truly find his sound. The peak of his writing didn’t come until his freshman year in college when he lost his home and nearly his life in a fire. Forced to relocate for a year with barely any food, money, or clothes to keep him afloat, Cezur dropped out of college and began pursuing music full time alongside any job he could work.

While this was a traumatic moment in his life, Cezur gained an entire new respect for life. His views on materialism, death altered and he was now able to fully channel into his music, which ultimately gave new breath to his artistry. Cezur plans to bridge the gap between his influences with contemporary music and old tunes, while paving way for the sound of the future. Listen to ‘Stonesthrow’ below.