Eli Sostre has been prepping his album for quite some time now and with good notice—perfection takes time. “Glass” and “Hold You Close” were strong singles released at the same time (earlier this month) by Eli. This time around, Eli comes around with frequent collaborator Soriano. These New York boys always know how to provide the vibes and do it the proper way.

Speaking with PigsandPlanes, Eli explained how the song came together: “This song explains where I’m at this point in my life, looking in the mirror and keeping it honest with where all the relationships in your life are,” he tells us. “I was kind of on edge and couldn’t create for a while, but me & Soriano found this pocket and created one of my favorite songs.”

Towards the very end of the track, I can hear a little influence from Kanye’s “Say You Will.” Whether it was intentional or not, it fits the song’s vibe well.

Check out the track below.