In February, Lil Uzi Vert uploaded a total of four tracks to his SoundCloud. The songs were uploaded to hold fans over until the release of his ‘Luv is Rage 2’ album—which Uzi holds DJ Drama to blame for the delay. Out of the four songs, one song in particular caught everyone’s attention.

“XO TOUR Llif3” is melodic, trapped out and alternative. The production comes by way of 808 Mafia’s TM88 and the direction comes from a dark place. Depression, drugs, money, friends and the lost of a significant relationship all hold its anchored system in the song’s sentiment. “My Brittany got mad, I’m barely her man now,” Uzi raps in the first verse. He then follows it up with lyrics like “I might blow my brain, yeah! Xanny help the pain, yeah. Please, Xanny make it go away. I’m committed, not addicted, but it keep control of me
All the pain, now I can’t feel it, I swear that it’s slowin’ me

While we sing along to his pain like we did with Future’s “Throwaway” and “Codeine Crazy,” the song climbs further up the charts. Ironically, TM88 had his hand in the production of “Codeine Crazy.”

The song has nearly 41 million plays on Soundcloud, 19 million views on the music video through Youtube and broke into the Billboard charts at no. 49.

Whether or not Uzi will use this song for the album isn’t known just yet, but it wouldn’t be a bad track to use.