Bell VEX delivers excitement in "Make It Good For Her" music videoThere’s something special about Belle VEX’s “Make It Good For Her” music video. With on-screen narration that moves in silence, the actions of the scenes take more from the lyrics than what appears. It’s almost as if the direction of the song and the music video fuse to make a bigger purpose. Belle VEX takes his lyrics and transforms them into a self-help dialogue. In a way, I was more invested into the scenes than the actual lyrics helping out any person causes.

It was just last summer when the music video for “Famous” came from the Indie-pop artist of Belle. It served as more of a teaser for the road that’s being embarked now. The reception for the 15 Minutes EP was more than great. After the success of the extended play, “Make It Good For Her” will be a much more explosive welcome into 2017 for Belle’s listeners. There’s a lot of sounds that go into his music and that test can be felt in the new single and music video.

Bell VEX delivers excitement in "Make It Good For Her" music video

Check out the music video below and let us know what you think. Also, as the year progresses, be on the lookout for more out of this artist.