Colby Keaton is a self-claimed surrealist alternative artist who has made his signature style with rock-inspired singing and dagger-like delivery infused with cinematic production. His lyrics often come across as mutilated pieces to a puzzle, in his subliminal and unorthodox way of writing. He claims growing up on Pink Floyd, Nirvana, and Radiohead influenced his style of writing and conceptual side.

Keaton’s new project is like a insider trip through an insane asylum. With grieving, winding tones, and at times spastic delivery, we can feel Keaton’s thoughts and moods change along the record. Keaton’s dark cynical personality and “end of days” personality are something any fan has become accustomed to. Keaton claims he is in the early stages of working on a 10-12 track album and will have more details soon. Listen below.