Personally, this is one of my favorite tracks I’ve heard from Malik since having the pleasure of writing about his music since 2015. His push of creativity is needed in today’s age; not too much music moves me, but this catches the right vibe for sure. “Kaa’s Song” was created in the spur of a specific moment, and his best work has come from that spur.

“Kaa’s Song’ on the surface was me allowing myself to do something I felt in the moment. I was almost hesitant due to the initial catchiness of it, strange enough, Malik explained to us. So adding a bit of depth was important to me. I wanted to create something there too… I feel the visuals we created represented [one side of me tempting the other]. JJ Polack, who shot and directed this video, came up with the concept and as soon as he explained it to me, I knew we had to do it.”

Without anymore hold up, check out the visuals for “Kaa’s Song” below.