Depth not width: inspiring a smaller group holds rank


How do I begin this? There’s no set way to begin piecing my words together. My friend, considered a brother — now at Heaven’s gates awaiting his halo. I pray you hail down blessings for us as we battle the hells of life. Another caterpillar taken away from us before butterfly intentions and potential became whole. But it’s okay, for his goals may not be carried on the way he scoped it out, the effect Ahustin Crawford had on those he came in contact with will hold rank forever.

“The truth is, I’d rather have three people see my content and buy my stuff, than a hundred people see it and only one person buy it” — Gary Vaynerchuk

For my work to reach the masses and appreciation stem from such, I’d be the utmost grateful being, but this may never come true —the  reality is, a majority of people may not arrive with the messages in my work. I get it. Masses may or may not mean more revenue. It’s not all summed up to be about financial gain. Wisdom, guidance and examples that exemplify how to move forward in this world stand more important. The money will come. As I spoke with Ahustin on numerous occasions, money did not kidnap his dreams and leave him hostage, he had the perfect balance. “This life is not about what you can pay for and afford… Ya’ll got life confused,” he laughed as he said on Twitter in Feb. 2017. Ahustin wanted his work to be appreciated by more people one day. That day has not arrived, but it also hasn’t departed; there’s still time—in unforeseen measures.

Depth not width: inspiring a smaller group holds rank

I found little-to-no comfort in knowing my friend didn’t finish all he came to do during his lifetime; too much potential gone, but not wasted. I begin to see people celebrate and get inspired by the impact Ahustin HAD during his time here. During these moments, that’s when I came to a comfort zone; immortal he would become. Although he didn’t complete his comings, he inspired the next person to go and push a dream further. Oh how SELF-Less he was.

Tupac knew he may never change the world, but he knew he had a great chance to spark the brain that would change the world. Reaching three people and having them appreciate your work may not sound all that great, yet their appreciation is so vast that they carry your talents over to more people; word of mouth and. branching out.

Ahustin Crawford – Facebook

Ahustin transferred good energy, consciously to others. Aware of toxic matters, he stood behind the levels of being immaculate with his words and output.

I saw potential in Ahustin. I knew what he was embarking on, but at the same time, I didn’t. His dreams were much more broader than what he would speak on. There were tasks he wished he completed before his departure. Personally, I now push my own tasks as far as they can go, as long as I’m still here. I will also incorporate Ahustin’s methods into my own journey. Ambitious, focused, relentless and SELFLESSNESS. We are in this together. This life is bigger than you, I and me. This life has everything to do with us, them and we.

Many people I know can’t find comfort in knowing that Ahustin’s dreams didn’t fulfilled, but other parts of him were fulfilled. There’s no denying his character, integrity and work ethic. For the people he touched, they know what they have to do. They know they can’t give up. When I found out the news of his passing, I hit the ground instantly. It felt as if the generator for my body was switched off and I lost all power to move. I cried for hours. During that time period, I zoned out and had a talk with Ahustin. “Keep going” I heard him say to me. Keep going.

He used to tweet, Snapchat and text me the simplistic word of “bye,” but when he said it, it was profound. Our inner circle always joked about that. Even to this day, I’ll always joke about that, because it’s never just “bye.” There’s a welcome mat that he laid down as we look up to him — for guidance and strength. That’s deep, and it widens.

Ahustin Crawford – Twitter

Whether you reach the masses or not, hold your weight in the room you currently bench press. Much work from his collection was left unfinished, but we’ll continue to be selfless and collect better habits; do better. The depth he reached (us) will outstretch (width) to the rest of the world. Humanity is key and collaboration is at the door step.

Depth not width: inspiring a smaller group holds rank

My iMessage conversations with Ahustin

We often aspire to reach the masses, but we don’t see how off our math is. The fact is, this may never happen. If does, great. If doesn’t? — shall wait— until our time comes, we pray. No matter how hard we run, it may never fund — our dreams, in full. But don’t succumb to the system’s standards by any means, you fool. You didn’t meet your personal goal of reaching the masses, but you’ll become the catalyst to another’s atlas. Dig for depth, don’t extend for width. By reaching for width, do we withstand the ability to know that this may never show truth? But do we withdraw? Do we compromise our inner youth? We move through and draw our schemes for those paying attention. From there, your name reigns as one that is thought of without mention or contention.

Ahustin Crawford, I look up and tell you how your words crawl farther than any scholar and to be blunt—any words said to me by my father. How much does a dollar cost? Significantly less than the knowledge you spread from your personal cause. Still regret the times that I left you on read. “Sorry bro, I was busy,” was the excuse that was said. Your creative giving remains immortal, sustaining your morals to the best of our ability. Anomaly — you will always be. I love you. My tear ducts weren’t prepared for the deduction of your presence. The present moment is a gift.

Although I wish you were here, your voice feels near. “Keep going,” Ahustin repeats to me. I hope the masses hear this message too.