PREMIERE: Kenif Muse levels up on his new single with Ish Williams and Infamous Rell New Jersey’s own Kenif Muse is steady building his sonic portfolio. After hitting us with his track “Gia’s Resistance,” Muse is stronger than ever on his new Ish Williams-assisted “Level Up” freestyle. 

The production comes in smooth yet has a bounce that is undeniably good by Infamous Rell. We’re still in the humble beginnings of the new year, so why not level up now? With this not being Ish Williams and Muse’s first time hitting the booth together, their chemistry can be drawn back to other times; Muse explains to us:

“Me and Ish started working together after his God Listens EP. I met him when he did the “Mary Jane” video, which I helped shoot and edit. Since then I’ve executive produced his latest body of work (Sonia’s Son) and featured on his ‘Want It All’ track.”

As he steady climbs further up a personal ladder, Muse will be offering us more music as the season transitions further into Spring. Being the wheels to many cars, Muse is revving up the engine on his own car.