Lately it’s been hard to ignore the fact that you are seriously a mastermind. Consistently dropping projects that are worthy and with recently dropping projects, ‘FUTURE’ and ‘HNDRXX’ It really had me thinking not only are you versatile and constantly delivering hits you’ve created your own lane when it comes to genre’s and creating Trap/R&B. Sure there are other artists that have done something similar but not like you. Being known for your heavily influenced trap sound, raw bars and tough exterior you also have a way of showing your feelings too. Dropping songs like “Codeine Crazy” and “Throw Away Part 2” was just a preview but have and still resonate with many of us. Some calling those tracks, “Timeless” no statement could be more true. Often heart-breaks are channeled through music but expecting it from a rapper, unlikely. You made it acceptable by doing it so well, no one questioned it; admitting your wrongs and how losing someone can affect you but also showing how that only fueled you to continue to drop heat is truly inspiring. So, here’s a big thank you, I appreciate your courage and overall work ethic on top of your ground breaking sound. Keep it all coming.


With Love,