From 1965 to 2005, Houston, TX became the location of Six Flags: AstroWorld—an amusement park that Houstonian’s hold near and dear to their hearts—memories that can be all-too distant. Judge Roy Hofheinz intended for the park to be a complementary extension of the Astrodome. Sold to Six Flags in 1975, the rebranding began.

The park which is South of Loop 610, would find its end in 2005, evenutally becoming the parking lot for extra parking—assisting with Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo’s overflow. Located in between Kirby Drive and Fannin Avenue, there’s still memories that cross the minds of Houston natives and lovers, especially Travis Scott, who’s been hosting the idea of the album titled “AstroWorld” for over a year now, publically speaking that is.

“Astroworld” is now heavily associated with the 24-year-old Missouri City (Mo City) native we know as Travis Scott. In May of 2016, Scott announced that Astroworld would indeed be the title of his forthcoming album. However, we were gifted Bird in The Trap Sing McKnight instead–no need to be mad at all for BITTSM’s release, for it hosted many hits and sonically, can run through without any skips. But now, the next album, AstroWorld, Scott is bringing more thrill to his music, as if he hasn’t been bringing enough.

In an interview with GQStyle, Scott further explains his plans for his next album.

“It might be the best music that I made,” Scott says. “I have two records on the album that are like, man, they are the best. They tore down AstroWorld to build more apartment space. That’s what it’s going to sound like, like taking an amusement park away from kids. We want it back. We want the building back. That’s why I’m doing it. It took the fun out of the city.”

We take a step back and look at the southern influence on the culture, it’s hard to leave Houston out of the talk. Actually, it’s disrespectful to leave the city out of the talk. It’s an influence we used to hear daily in Drake and A$AP Rocky’s music; it helped them paint a picture that they vividly captured, lyrically.

I feel like Houston is one of the leading things in music culture,” he says. “Everyone loves the Houston culture,” Scott says. He then adds some worthy words on Beyoncé. “It needs to have its own monument, its own moment for artists like me, artists like Beyoncé who set it off. Beyoncé is like the highest level. We all reach for that level.”

As for now, Scott is still pushing the tour and theatrics for his BITTSM album, but Astroworld will take over the future, cyclonically honing in on the thrills of Scott’s music, the fun that we crave in music, as well as the substance that sometimes goes missing in action. It’s hard to imagine what else Scott could be bringing to the table—a table that he’s been eating at—but he’s clearly up to something.

To out-do singles such as “Antidote,” “Pick Up The Phone,” and “Goosebumps” is a feat that Scott can achieve, with no doubt. He doesn’t have to recreate those moments in time; that’s where things get confusing and comparisons can do damage to the future. With that being said: with the new music that Scott will begin rolling out, we can expect thrilling and exciting music, giving back to the kids and the kids that live inside all of us.