Corey Lee talks his new album, what's coming next and moreCorey Lee. Get familiar with that name if you aren’t already. He’s blasting his way through the music industry at a steady pace. “Corey album coming,” the timelines of Twitter would be filled with. But now, it’s here, he’s creating a bigger name for himself.

A Shot In The Dark offers us the most defined and sharpened sword in Corey’s arsenal of lyricism and effort. The sound of the album is presented with an array of wordplay, production and Corey in his bag.

“I had records in mind that could’ve made it that didn’t, but I wouldn’t say I had any specific cuts,” Corey said on his track-list for the album. “Might drop a mixtape on my birthday from cut tracks or just new music in general.”

Having visuals to accompany his music is what would really set the album off, and he’s going to implement that vision with visuals.

“Gonna turn the album into a visual album by releasing vids for every song on it in the way I was releasing songs last year.”

As for the title of the album, “A Shot In The Dark” is what Corey feels he is and how he’s had to move.

Corey Lee talks his new album, what's coming next and more

“That’s what I believe I am, the person you’d never think of, that had nothing that turned into something, the last person you’d think of. As well as being able to show people what a person can do when and if given the opportunity.”

Check out the album below and let us know what you think of it.