AF Splash. Reality sets in for this Maryland artist, but not to a point of despair or desperation. Instead, there’s a “grind mode” mentality that sets in. First, he delivers visuals for “Reality,” which a track that focuses on the confidence of Splash and his rhyming abilities.

Splash gets inspiration from Nas, which is one of his favorite artist.

“illmatic and Stillmatic, I love it all most definitely,” Splash explained to us. “Nas is my favorite artist of all time. It’s something about the way you can close your eyes and listen to his music and actually put yourself in the picture he’s painting.”

Cambridge, Maryland is not exactly the best scene for music, but Splash is bringing his best work out of the city. Now, there’s a new mixtape from is horizon.

“I’m taking my time. I showed what I can do in 48 hours under the clock, now I’m going to show what I can do when I have time on my side to put together the work of art I really want to.”

Check out his Drop When I Want Too Mixtape below.