The outlook I had on life when I was young was great until I was forced with the harsh realities, like death. The death of my grandpa at a young age benefited me in ways I had no idea then, could. I went on to learn about poetry and decided to channel the feeling I had from his passing into poetry. It got published when I was just 8 years old and that ended up being the door that opened not only my creativity but writing career. As time went on I realize how much of a gift it truly is.

Staying Independent

As I got older my passion for poetry ventured into a passion for writing in general. Artist Dom Kennedy had me wanting to stay independent as a free-lance music writer. When I was doing that, I was stoked to even be considered for (at the time) what I thought was a good website/blog. They dissed me and my writing but I didn’t let it discourage me or the passion I had for writing. Dom has always been inspiring being that he is an independent artist; once telling FORBES that the reason for that was to “retain creative power” which is key when you thoroughly enjoy your craft, why let someone dictate how you go about doing it. When your work makes noise without a team having to force it, it’s a beautiful thing. When business people close the door, your efforts should be so great the ones who appreciate your craft will open them back up with their support. Doing just that I went on to post music pieces on WordPress under the name ‘Poetic Jorden.’ People were watching I’d get up to 500 views a day, my pieces were being shared- so what was the next step? I had no real idea. Until I was approached with an idea of starting something bigger than I could ever imagine, a magazine, a blog. It was created and once it was and I fully applied everything I had learned and known thus far, doors opened.

I finally found my purpose

That publication became BLUNTIQ, crazy right? I built this from the ground up. With peers teaching me key things like marketing, and planning etc. and a team of staff that went hard for me and their craft we created a platform to help not only others who had been in my position but the artists who deserved exposure and just needed a chance to spread their craft to the masses. BLUNTIQ has lead me to create all the connections I have dreamt of, interview my favorite artists and establish meaningful relationships with people in this industry. Along with a partnership with CBS. It’s truly unbelievable what not only pursuing your passion but speaking things into existence can do. You are in control 100%, you decide your destiny and if you ever doubt your part in that you’ve already failed. Anything is obtainable if you do YOUR part. Be consistent, stay focused and don’t say no to learning. Everything in life is a lesson. Life itself is always teaching us things and if you’re not paying attention you’ll get lost – keep up never stay stagnant. Constantly building and growing can only advance you; no work that is helping you do so should ever be a chore. Anything you want in this life is YOURS.