Although I don’t personally know Scott Mescudi, I sure feel like I do and it feels like he’s been a friend during the most crucial times in my life. When I think about the times I had to overcome certain trials during some points in my life I think about how Kid Cudi was always there not physically but musically. After all, he has made the anthems we all (at some point) related to. Everytime a Cudi song come on it never fails that I hear someone say, “damn, I love Kid Cudi!” and I can’t help but smile because he gives us all that feeling. It’s crazy how someone you don’t know can be your strength.

I think about Cudi often and hope he’s good because he always makes sure we are. Cudi has always been strong for us even when he wasn’t for himself. So selfless, putting his weak moments into words for us all to relate to. He never failed us – when he was unhappy he made the effort to fix it but still provided us with an amazing album that we didn’t deserve after attacking him for what he didn’t do on his album, “Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven” yet that’s where he invited us into his world. A lot couldn’t accept that version of Cudi but him being there for us why did we lack doing the same for him? He’s human and beyond this music stuff he has feeling just like we do.

Its hard seeing our hero’s down but the feeling of seeing them rise up from that is far greater than denying his truth. We need to do better we need to stop expecting so much and listen and understand instead of making excuses for why we don’t. We need Cudi, he’s got us like no one else does. I appreciate you Scotty, I appreciate all your efforts, your steady commitment to us and your passion, craft – and if no one has said it before I will say it on behalf of all of us; You are important, you saved a lot of us and although we can’t do what you’ve done for us we will try. My dedication to support you will never fail, thank you for saving me when you needed saving.