Watch Texas artist Malik’s visuals for “Alone”

Bring forth his new music video for “Alone,” is Texas artist Malik. The track comes from his recent album The Awakening (II). 

“Alone’ is a song that works for me on a couple levels. The first half of the song you get what feels like a breakup and the push and pull in a straining relationship. I wanted to paint the picture of a real argument. While when you get to the second half, it’s very much a conversation I’m having in my own head. I’m talking myself through what I’m experiencing, so with those two parts you get the cause and effect. On a sonic level, I wanted to show multiple sides of my artistry, and how each side is important to me. I tried create something that takes you somewhere, rather than existing in one place (which is cool too), but at the end of the day, I just hope people can connect with it in one way or another.”

Check out the song below.