Logwitch releases new 7-track project 'Trail of The Contortionist'Contortionist indeed, as Logwitch bends and twists the music angle in every which direction possible. Fusing EDM/Neurohop/drum and bass elements, Logwitch is effective with his sonic scheme. Way up West in Washington, Logwitch attempts to bring us to his own world, through seven tracks that serve as series in a way.

With all the production coming by way of Garrett Arnold, you’re in for a pretty consistent listen.

Logwitch releases new 7-track project 'Trail of The Contortionist'

Trail of the Contortionist

The First Moment : At the Edge Looking In
The 2nd Glance : Askew
The 3rd Vision : Darkness
The 4th Hour : Duplicity
The 5th Mistake : Residual
The 6th Dream : Hypothermia
The 7th Meeting : Turbid
The Last Thought : At the Edge Looking Out

Outsider, considered, for the abnormal structure of his music, but that has garnered up listens, so it’s working the way it’s supposed to. There’s a tale behind this project and there sits darkness and twists that can be felt with every turn of a beat. If you want to feel on edge or already are on edge, then this is the perfect project for you and others around you to indulge in.

The rhythm is heavy and there’s a lot to be heard through the synths of this body of work. When you get to the last track, I recommend that you picture yourself on the edge. Look out into the world and tell me what you see. It’s a great chance to pause and reflect upon the directions you have taken and will likely travel in the near future.

Without furtherance, check out Trail of The Contortionist below.