Tyler, your consistency is appreciated. You’ve always been your own person/artist even during the Odd Future days. Telling the stories no one else would with pure honesty in your tracks, image, everything. What has kept Tyler front and center is his vision, authenticity and loyalty to the game, and himself from the start. Constantly providing something new and refreshing it was hard not to like him or his work. Tyler made himself hard not to love especially with his versatility and variety of sounds. Tyler is an example for many including myself he’s proven time and time again that anything is possible; from starting his carnivals with some of his and our favorite artists on the line up. Including his idol Pharrell, who not only performed at one of his carnivals but was interviewed by T. It takes a visionary to know one and I’m sure that’s why Pharrell and Tyler developed a friendship.

Tyler has really dreamed everything into existence and if that doesn’t give you faith, what will? After all Tyler, did also give us the collaboration of our generation with him, Kanye and Lil Wayne on a track. How could we not be thankful? Tyler pushed boundaries in every direction. Making me believe we are all capable of that. Tyler is far beyond inspiring, he’s the whole package. His creativity is out of this world from laying down tracks to producing beats mostly his own (beautifully too) to pouring the talent into cartoons, videos, clothing/merchandise and events independently; he is what we all should aspire to be (in our own way of course.) Tyler is arguably one of the best taste makers of our generation and he’s respected for it. After all we cannot deny the real especially since there’s not too much left in the artists of today. Here’s to Tyler, Thank you for EVERYTHING.