It’s 2:53 A.M. on a Sunday and I’m sobering up. No longer throwing back drinks, I am now surfing through Twitter and aimlessly scrolling away. I run across another snippet of Drake’s More Life project and I get a rush of excitement, followed by a rush of lows.

I remember 2015. I remember when If Youre Reading This Its Too Late released. Unexpected, therefore, no expectations were held. We had speculations that Drake would indeed be dropping a project, but we had no idea what the name of it would be called and there were no tracks to tie into the release.

Once an artist puts it out into the open that we can expect a piece of art from their collection, we wait for the paint to drip on the canvas. Slowly but surely we get more and more drips of paint from the paint brush onto the empty canvas. Incomplete as it sits, progress is made.

It’s not to say that the anticipation isn’t high, but is it worth it? I floated around and sat with how people felt about VIEWS and it all pointed to being “lackluster.” VIEWS is what it is: the album was and is successful, as fuck, but shelf life is questionable when it comes to that album. The anticipation stood greater than the music, keeping it blunt with you.

Noah “40” Shebib’s Instagram felt like a confirmation that Drake hasn’t even finished the body of work. Which is cool, but, the run around taxing to the spirit.

We’re back in the same boat we paddled in to get to VIEWS; chasing for dates, chasing for answers. Encrypted messages show up and blast us with excitement that proves to be false. I don’t want to chase around for the music anymore, Drake, just drop it, please.