Ranging his long career from Randolph, Massachusetts is Jared KF Jones. Jones’ long resume puts him into a different bracket that many cannot reach. His inspiration stretches deep—to Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Ne-Yo and more. That’s just to name a few, but from studying the greats, he’s managed to put together a stellar career for himself.

Jared KF Jones drops off his newest single, "Turn Up The World"

His music has been featured on BET, CBS, VH-1, FOX, TLC, and more. His lengthy resume has served him well. Now, he brings us his new single, title “Turn Up The World.”

The single released just on the edge of the January’s closure, bringing in a Pop vibe for the ages. There’s also shades of R&B in the mix, but the demolition exercise of genres has slowly but surely fading out.

Jared KF Jones drops off his newest single, "Turn Up The World"

We only get to live this life once, and we can choose to disrupt the common, and stagnant ways of our cultures and turn the world inside out, in the best and most creative ways possible. The world needs your unique touch.

The song takes on a personality of Pitbull, Michael Jackson and Ne-Yo. I felt these three strongly within the first 30 seconds. After, I can see Jared take on his own persona. Not to say that he isn’t already embedded within his own rhythm, but the influences cannot be denied.

Overall, the song takes on a Pop/EDM-like experience that naturally raises the mood for a great time. It’s one of those songs that you can definitely close the year out with.

Produced by: Ezemdi Chikwendu
Mixed By: Chris Andrews of Monument Sound
Mastered By: Nathan James of Vault Mastering