As the CEO of BLUNTIQ, I can’t tell you how often I get approached to co-sign artists, post music, give advice, etc. but it is every day and my BLUNTIQ inbox is currently at 21k messages, so that’ll give you an idea.

When I started this I wanted to do nothing BUT help these artists that had what it took but no platform to support them. So, I created one that could. As time went on I noticed that these “artists” were not all artists but just another rapper/producer. The difference was how much and what they were investing in themselves- as well as what’s beyond the surface. Lately this underground music scene is quite overwhelming, and the problem is too many people see the music as a hobby and not an investment. It makes it hard for me to take those few seriously and it also takes away from those who really have what it takes and more. If it isn’t a priority, or something you 100% see a future in please don’t pursue it. It isn’t just about that fake ass facade you want to show but for some this is about growth, acquiring knowledge and dedication to the craft- who are putting in the effort to give us something of quality don’t be selfish by getting in the way of that. Support others as much as possible, just because one can do it doesn’t mean we all can do it. Stay focused, find your path, and find that contentment in the right place; where YOU belong.

With love,