Future is tearing 2017 into shreds—and by that, I mean, destroying any competition. It’s only February (nearing close to March) and the Freebandz veteran has already released two 17-track albums, in back-to-back weeks. His self-titled album FUTURE earned him the number album in the country, pulling in 140k units sold during the first-week run. If his latest album HNDRXX pulls in the numbers it’s supposed to, then Future is looking to make history.

HNDRXX, a mixture of Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, Future pushes different methods on this album. This album is expected to pull in 110-125 units for the first week. These numbers will easily place Future in the no. 1 spot once again.

If Future lands the no. 1 album again, then he’ll be the first artist to have two albums go no.1 in consecutive weeks. Not only that, but Future will have his fifth straight no. 1 album.

If one thing is for certain, it’s that Future cannot be stopped. Arguably, the numbers for HNDRXX may be low due to overload—I mean, people just finished digesting 17 tracks for the superstar. These numbers for HNDRXX can rise at any time, perhaps just not in the first week.