Menace To $ociety is bringing their sound out of Las Vegas, NV and they come with their latest EP, Balance: Light & Dark Part 1: Light. The group consists of three members: Francis Rivera, Santino Rivera, Mason Liefried. They mix melody with rhyme, over production that stands as simplistic and not too outrageous, but their message gets across. The most important thing here, is, that their point gets across.

Menace To $ociety releases new project, 'Balance: Light & Dark Part 1: Light'

Each song presents a new lesson and provides reasons behind the title of their project. A lot of elements have been brought to the light on part one. The first two tracks keeps the group in an introspective outlook for life and the last two tracks cater more to love and affection. They deliver, hey would you look at that, they present balance.

There were aspects of the project I didn’t become fond of. I felt these are elements that should be approved upon working on their next body of work. Engineering wise, the song doesn’t come out as clear as I would hope and the vocals don’t range in properly. I can sense a lot of potential in both directions and I hope these guys work on that.

Concept wise, I thought the EP served its purpose fully. It wasn’t hard to grab the concept behind each song and that made the songs more enjoyable. More than anything, I’m excited to hear what these guys bring in for part two of the extended play.

Menace To $ociety releases new project, 'Balance: Light & Dark Part 1: Light'



1.Power Moves Prod. by TaylorKing

2. Gotta Flex Prod. by Tantu

3. Ride With Me Prod. TaylorKing

4. By Your side Prod. by P.Soul